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The Ultimate Augustine (Audio)

The Ultimate Augustine

“Hi. This is Chris. You guys know we do that radio show on KKLA 99.5 in Los Angeles right? Anyway, here’s the one on Augustine, cuz… Augustine rocks.

“There has been perhaps no greater influence on post-biblical Christianity than Augustine. His thought dominated the Christian Church for more than eight hundred years. Many see the Protestant Reformation itself as a revival of Augustinian thought. His doctrines of the sacraments, the Church, salvation, ethics, and politics still tick in the clockwork of Evangelical thought. His “City of God” and “Confessions” are two of the most influential books in human history, and some go so far as to say that he “invented” the autobiography. With this, his epic struggles against the Pelagians, the Donatists, the Academics, Dualists, and Pagans shape and define the practice of later apologists from Aquinas to Pascal. As yet, there has been no more vigorous voice nor effective spokesman for Christianity than Augustine. Christopher Neiswonger and Lindsay Brooks.”

The Radio broadcast of the Ultimate Augustine Show (click me)