Trinitarian Analogies « A Thinker’s Progress

Trinitarian Analogies « A Thinker’s Progress

“This analogy, originally conceived of by Augustine and later refined by Anselm and Aquinas, has dominated the western church mindset. This analogy flows from reflecting on the nature of the human mind. For Augstine, the human mind exists in knowing and loving. It is important to note, as Placher does, that for Augstine and Aquinas, knowing and loving aren’t merely activities the mind engages in, but rather the existence of the human mind is in the doing of these activities. Furthermore, these activities are mutally interconnected. One cannot love something without knowing it, and visa-versa. According to Augustine, this interdependence between the mind itself, and its fully integrated activities of knowing and loving mirror the relationships of the Triune God.”

William C. Placher


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